When it comes to an AR15 rifle, there are a lot of ways you can customize it to fit your requirements.

While many enthusiasts do prefer a stock AR15 rifle in their inventory, the added accessories only add to the overall benefits and charm of this well-built rifle.

There has been a debate about the utility of a vertical grip on an AR15 for a long time now. Some of the experts are inclined towards the stock capabilities of the rifle, while others voted for the added accessories for improved functionality.

So, should you get a vertical grip for your AR15 too? If you're an AR15 owner or enthusiast, let us help you understand why and how you should be using a vertical grip on your rifle.

  1. It increases the ease of carrying it around.

A vertical foregrip improves the ease of carrying an AR15 rifle around a lot easier than it usually tends to be. Rifles are one difficult-to-handle breed of the gun. A vertical grip attached to your AR15 can help you carry it around with ease.

Moreover, in scenarios such as during a hunting session or on the shooting range, where you might have to carry your rifle around or hold it for a longer duration, a vertical grip might come in handy (literally). A vertical grip on your rifle allows you to carry it around from two different spots, i.e., the front and the back.

Therefore, if your regular use of the AR15 involves carrying it around for longer durations, getting a vertical grip might be something you should consider.

  1. Improved muzzle control

The recoil of a rifle is never a great thing to face when you're looking for that accurate shot out of your AR15.

This is when a vertical grip comes into play. With a more ergonomic design and placement of your rifle on your shoulder, it minimizes the recoil to a bare minimum. A minimum recoil ensures better accuracy overall.

  1. Barrel Stability

If you're a professional, you certainly know about the slightest of the factors that can make or break a good hit. Factors such as breathing in sync with your rifle can make a difference too.

On the other hand, if you're a beginner, let us help you understand this better. When you lie down to take that perfect shot, the way you breathe makes your rifle move. This can affect the final shot that you take using your rifle.

Hence, a vertical grip on your AR15 rifle can help you here, by increasing the overall stability of your barrel.

So, if you are a beginner or don't use your rifle too often, a vertical grip might be a decent investment for you.

  1. Keeps your hand away from heat

When it comes to handling a rifle, the heat from the barrel is a primary issue that you need to address. For this very purpose, there are rail covers. However, a lot of enthusiasts do not prefer using rail covers for their reasons.

This is where a vertical grip on your AR15 comes in. A vertical grip can get the same job done, without making you have to touch the hot barrel of your rifle. A better grip and a better location to carry your gun will prevent you from getting burned.

  1. It improves shooting form.

As we mentioned above, a vertical grip can help you with your accuracy.

An AR15 rifle is fun, lightweight, and powerful. So, in the moment of adrenaline, the shooting form might take a backseat.

Therefore, a vertical grip can be your friend here. A vertical grip can help you fight fatigue with faster follow-up shots and a better angle to take your shot. Moreover, as you further adapt to the AR15 vertical grip, it'll only have better leverage overall for your shooting gains.

Should You Get a Vertical Grip?

When it comes to shooting and using an AR15 rifle, there are certain things you need to take care of.

Every shooter and enthusiast is different and might have their preferences, styles, and techniques to take care of. However, as they say, there are two ways to do something—the right one and the wrong one.

A vertical grip can turn out to be your friend, as it helps you improve your form and fatigue. Earlier, when vertical grips didn't exist, it was common to stabilize your rifles by gripping the front of the magazine. While it might have been effective in the short run, it required a ton of effort and was used to fatigue the muscles.

Before taking the final call and going for an AR15 rifle vertical grip, it is always better to try it first. Feel free to ask one of your friends to help you take a whiff of what a vertical grip feels like, and observe if you notice any changes in your shooting form.

Based on that, you should take your final decision.

Best Vertical Grip For AR15 Rifles

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