Design Your Own Image Content Standards

My Southern Tactical's Content Standards offer guidance to customers in designing custom products. These standards utilize a sliding scale ranging from "no" to "go" to accommodate various design possibilities, enabling us to collaborate with customers in creating designs that align with these guidelines. It's important to note that the descriptions provided for each category are not exhaustive, and the final decision regarding the approval of a design will always be at the discretion of My Southern Tactical's Content Standards team. We regularly review and update these policies as necessary.

BIG NOPE – My Southern Tactical will not print designs that we reasonably believe:

  • Infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others
  • Constitute defamation or fraud, or otherwise violate the law
  • Depict graphic violence, including self-harm, with potential exceptions for select historical images
  • Include "hate speech," which involves abusive, threatening, or demeaning words, symbols, or images based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation
  • Promote hatred or harassment of private individuals (excluding public figures) regardless of the reason
  • Threaten or incite physical harassment of public figures or depict them in a discriminatory manner
  • Promote, feature, or encourage the use of illegal drugs
  • Contain explicit sexual content or non-artistic/health/medical nudity
  • Include sexually suggestive images or text involving children
  • Encourage animal abuse or cruelty, as defined by law
  • Promote, feature, or encourage underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use
  • Demonstrate gross insensitivity to individuals or communities in grief or mourning

YEAH/MAYBE NO – My Southern Tactical will carefully review and may not print (or may request changes to) designs that:

  • Contain defamatory statements
  • Use profanity or express hatred, anger, or harsh criticism towards public figures
  • Include crass vulgarity, lewd language, or swear words
  • Feature less-explicit sexual content or nudity, including images of an artistic/health/medical nature
  • Have an overtly sexual connotation or tone, including strong sexual innuendo
  • Include violent events, terms, or images, such as historical images of violence
  • Promote, feature, or encourage illegal activity
  • Defend an alleged criminal or criminal act
  • Advocate for one party in a pending legal dispute
  • Might cause public anger or harm
  • Include other content that would be offensive to the My Southern Tactical community

YEP! – My Southern Tactical will print designs that:

  • Use language and images appropriate for individuals of all ages, including children
  • Create a sense of community
  • Support intellectual property rights by utilizing authorized images and content, including those owned or legally authorized for use by the customer

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