About Us

My Southern Tactical started in 2018 when we saw a need in the market for customized accessories for AR-15, AR-10, AK-47 and Glock gun owners. From AR-15 and AR-10 dust covers, mags and stocks to AK-47 mags and stocks to Glock baseplate wraps and much more, we offer unique ways for gun owners to personalize their firearms. 

We also offer customers the ability to design your own products. Just upload an image for your desired product and we will create a customized look that is distinctively yours. 

All of our items are custom made upon receipt of your order. Handling and shipping times are outlined on our Handling, Shipping and Returns Page [link this text to Handling, Shipping and Returns Page]. We accept orders from and ship to all 50 states. Because we don’t have the expense of operating a physical store, we are able to keep our costs down and pass the savings along to you.

In addition to a wide variety of firearm accessories, we also offer seasonal and lifestyle items, including stickers, patches and car tags.

My Southern Tactical takes pride in producing high-quality, customized goods at reasonable prices. We operate our business on reliable, trustworthy and dependable terms. Now you can you can personalize your gun with top-quality accessories that make it a one-of-a-kind firearm.

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